Sheji Kazmi

It was in the mid 70s when I started my career with National Book Foundation. Nahid Jafri was my immediate boss. At around 2 in the afternoon, everybody in our department was cautious because two kids, a naughty smiling boy with his sister, storming in and running towards the office of their mother. This was the time when mostly, Nahid Jafri was not in her room. Both the kids hide under her table quietly. I heard the giggles and whispers of both the kids till their mother arrive and a BIG YELL is heard from the room. Loads of smiles and laughter spread all over. Those kids were OMAR and SARA. It seems that this was yesterday.
I never met Omar after that as he left abroad for further education, only once when he arrived here on vacations. I was pleasantly surprised to see his personality. He was a grown up young man; with the same witty smile, teases her mother throughout the conversation.
And then, I heard that he is seriously ill. And just came to know a few days ago, that he left us all. INNA LILLAH-HE WA INNA ELAIH-HE RAJE-OON.

We’ll sadly missed you Omar.

Sheji Kazmi


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