Five Classic Memories

These Five memories keep me smiling whenever I’m down about Omar..thought I’d share them with you!

(01)  Omar A. with his hair billowing in the wind running to catch the softball in the KGS front Yard during a class match ( Peeps, you must remember that one!)

(02)  Omar A. making the opening speech for the Debates in the SY’s. No-one understood it but I can never forget the look of utter shock and bewilderment on Ms. Saeeds face! ( Peeps, I’m sure you remember that one also!)

(03)  Omar A. explaining to the Gaurd at St. Peters in Rome that his white shalwar kameez was actually an Islamic Prayer Robe and so he should be allowed to enter….needless to say he did!!

(04)  Omar A. coming to see me at my Halls in South Woodford in London.  I can never forget that day…It was my first week in London, and I was crossing the courtyard….cold,wet,windy and lonely. I looked up and saw a figure in the shadows who asked me if I “knew where I could find Ardeshir Marker?”  “Omar!!” I shouted, ” What on earth are you doing here?” We embraced and he explained that he figured I must have got into Halls of Residence, so he came to visit me, and was asking people the way to my room! We went into London and shared a Garfunkul’s salad. We shared many many wonderful moments since then also, and I cherish every one of them.

(05)  Cycling in France ( Remember Noor?). At one point, I really felt my legs had given way and I told Omar, “Let’s rest for a bit….” Omar just smiled at me and said “Come on, Adi, No quitting!”   I often think of those words and what he taught me whenever I’m frustrated or down!

And now, as Omar would say, “Arde you’re embarressing me!!”  So I’ll close. There are so many more memories that keep poppingup, but the above are some of my favourites. God Bless You Omar and Thanks…



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