Mary Anne’s Words

My name is Mary Anne Weaver and I’ve been a friend of the family for more than 25 years.  I’m a Foreign Correspondent, and have come and gone frequently from Pakistan during those years.

My first memory of Omar was when he was 12, and his father, Kamal, decided we would go crabbing in Karachi harbor. From the outset it became clear that Kamal – despite his protests to the contrary – knew little about crabbing or operating a boat – it was actually a rowboat, as I remember it now.  So Omar, at the age of 12 – assisted by a very young Farid – took control – as Omar so often did. He managed to get us out of the port and into the harbor. It was a glorious day. When we returned to shore I recall Kamal uttering something about how he loved captaining a ship!

Twenty years later, I remember another scene. We were all in New York. I was giving a dinner party for Naheed. Omar – looking smart and handsome – brought a bottle of a lovely Bordeaux: a Bordeaux I’ve continued drinking until today. So, since we are all here to honor Omar, I suggest that when you leave you all go out and buy a bottle of Chateau La Mouliniere, and raise a glass to Omar. He’ll be very pleased.

Omar was taken from us far too young. But, for you all – Mursi, Naheed and Kamal, Sarah and Farid – we were so blessed to have had him for as long as we did.

Thank you.


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