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About Omar

This website is in memory of Omar Azfar. Omar passed away on January 21, 2009, after a long fight with osteosarcoma, a cancer of the bone. His bravery was astounding for all to witness; his love of life was legendary, and never more apparent than in his last days. He was 40 when he died. Omar was a development economist and an expert on corruption. But his interests were myriad, ranging far beyond economics to art, literature, science, and travel. This website contains testaments to his life written by family, friends, acquaintances, and the many others whose lives he touched. It is also a repository for publications, ideas, photographs, schemes, and obsessions. As Omar would have liked, we hope that the site can also function as a place for people to share their memories of Omar, to connect with each other, to explore the many things that made him what he was, and to continue his project for living life with vigor, enthusiasm, and compassion.


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